Who We Are

Reinventing Lost and Found. Founded in 2011, FinderCodes is an intuitive yet sophisticated lost and found system that uses QR-encoded smart tags and cloud-based tracking to facilitate a fast and secure return of almost any item, including pets.

Created and led by a team of marketing and software veterans in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the only lost and found system to offer Re-Turnit™, our simple and convenient return shipping service using FedEx Office®. FinderCodes is proud to be the first company in the history of FedEx® to have been granted a license to use the FedEx logo on its products.


Blake Sohn – Founder, President, CMO. 30-year branding/marketing veteran formally of General Mills and also owned his own ad agency. His main role beyond managing the administrative functions of the company is to coordinate all branding, marketing, and PR efforts for current product lines.

Michael Young – CFO. Specialist in financial planning and analysis, project investment evaluation and financial controls. Michael has 12 years corporate finance experience, including time with Best Buy®, Target® Corporation and Walmart®; US. Michael is responsible for all forward-looking financial information, budgets, forecasts and five-year plans for FinderCodes' business segments.

Bob Bieger – VP, Technology. 27-year driver of innovation and unsurpassed software with companies such as Kroll Ontrack and Milner Technologies. Now leads R&D of all FC Solutions and FinderCodes technologies including websites, mobile apps, online services, commercial engagements, and hardware products.

John Altenbernd – Co-Founder, Director, IT Services. 20-year internet evangelist and entrepreneur. Now oversees IT Services and is chief architect and developer of software, database, and mobile apps.

Amazing product. My Chester was found over a mile away and was returned in minutes.

Kris - St. Paul, MN

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